Success Stories


Two of our kittens, Mouse and Tabitha. What a lovely home they have been accepted into.
Rika’s Story
My early puppy life was not so good and I ended up at the CHB SPCA where I stayed for many months as I waited for my turn to be adopted.  I was a rather large puppy and was given the name MARTHA.

The months went by and still no one took me home.  

It was August 2007 when I was about 6 months old, when a new volunteer arrived to help out on Saturday mornings.  She did not pay too much attention to me in the first few weeks but one day while I was sitting by the dog run gate she looked straight at me and came over to say hello.  I was sitting in my best pose looking a bit aloof as I did not want to look too excited and put her off.  

Well it worked, I was adopted a couple of weeks later after her other half had given me the once over.  They took me home, which I found out I had to share with 3 cats, a whippet, 4 chickens, and several fish.  

They renamed me RIKA.  


Lazing in the sun, oh what a life!

I gave mum a bit of a rough start as I dug holes everywhere!  But they liked me and even thou they threatened to take me back, I got to stay.  

I have the bestest home, I get to stay warm and dry inside during winter and outside in the cool during summer.  I am spoilt rotten with lots soft toys and walks, and dog treats.  Mum calls me her big gentle bear.  I have a soft personality and wouldn’t hurt a fly – really I wouldn’t…..

Rika and her mate Dookie. xo



























Adopting Timid Cats
Some cats can be timid at the SPCA while waiting for adoption as it is an artificial environment.

But it doesn’t mean they will remain that way when adopted to a patient and loving home.

Read Wilson’s story...

Wilson's Story
Hello this is me Wilson and my orange sidekick Fanta Pants. We live at a happy home where we have lots of toys to play with and a nice garden to explore in between naps indoors. But it wasn’t always like this as we were shy boys at the SPCA.

We grew up together at the SPCA since we were little but we are not from the same mama. We lived in a big big basket with a lot of other cats who were okay. But all the different people that seemed to always be coming and going in and out of that basket made us shy so we hid away from them in the corners and under things. Those people would go away and sometimes cats would go with them but not us.

We were there for a long time and a lady human often came in to our room and would talk to us quietly. One day I smelled her and she wasn’t so stinky and let her pat me which was nice, and so did Orange and he thought it wasn’t so bad too.

Then all of a sudden we were in a tiny basket moving along and then stopped at a new place where the lady human lives.

She made us stay inside the big cage she lives in, but that was okay because there is lots of chairs and beds to sleep and bounce on.

She finally let us outside one day which was amazing, all that green to look at and play in. Good thing Orange is orange or I’d never find him out there.

My favourite thing now is playing in the bathtub on the squishy bean bag thing, here I am doing that.

Orange likes to chill out. He is also very partial to sleeping on Mr and Mrs Humans head at night. Yup, been there - he’s such a smooch.









And he chases butterflies in the garden.

Mr Human says I’m such a clown. One of my favourite tricks is to hang upside down from the scratchy post which Mr Human says is quite impressive for the “robust gentleman” that I am.

When I have finished hooning around the house (human lady keeps telling me this is not a race track) this is one of my favourite places to relax.


Oops, used human lady’s leg instead as scratchy post, my mistake.

Human lady also says how can you guys now be such ‘little monsters’, you were so timid at the SPCA.

I like this place and I’m glad my buddy Orange is here, even if he is a bit clingy sometimes.

He’s my best friend.